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0000039Mplayer Desktop ClientAudio / Voicepublic05-19-2017 14:35
Assigned Toaimtron 
PlatformOSWin 10OS Version
Product Version100105 
Target VersionFixed in Version100114 
Summary0000039: Voice and audio cutting in and out.
DescriptionAfter creating a room. The audio works fine, however the video streams may only be able to stream only one or two members at a time before any given members loses all audio and video. This can happen at random between all members.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a room and have at least 3-5 members join. Stream audio and video between all members and see if there audio cuts or video cuts out. It would likely take a few mins to see this occur.
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aimtron (developer)

This is an internet connectivity issue. The issue could be at the receiver or sender end.

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