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0000066Mplayer Desktop ClientCrash / Hangpublic05-19-2017 14:32
Assigned Toaimtron 
Product Version100114 
Target VersionFixed in Version100114 
Summary0000066: mplayer crash
Description(view image below) This just happened on my desktop and lap top at the same time
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Rebel8952 (reporter)

Also forgot to mention. I wasnt doing anything on mplayer. The one on my desktop was minimized and i was in facebook and the second i came back to mplayer it popped up. about less than 30 secs after i got the pop up on the desktop i got the same pop up on the laptop. In All count this is the 3rd time this has happened to me 2nd for my desktop and this also happened to Andymae61 last night


aimtron (developer)

We were doing unscheduled server maintenance. We'll try to keep it during the late hours in the future.

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